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General supplier
Reconstruction of the Brušperk fire station
General supplier
New construction in the Vrchlabí location
General supplier
Reconstruction of the Gastroenterological Center
General supplier

Company profile
The experience of company Ing. Milín Kaňuščák - KAMI PROFIT dates back to 1997 when the company started with management of smaller region al developments. Later the company went through various developments of municipal and regional meaning.
Our portfolio contains civil use developments as business incubator center in Presov, we manged bulding proces for chain of shopping centers Ahold Retail Slovakia k.s., which expanded in Slovakia under the name Hypernova.
In 2005 the company came under KAMI PROFIT s.r.o. and extended its activities of development of important industrial parks in Slovakia, modern entertainment and shopping centers EURO MAX.
In 2006 our company started magement of the investment preparation for residential development III Towers on Bajkalska street in Bratislava with 633 apartments and 3600 m2 of retail. This project was led, tested and placed in service by the management of KAMI PROFIT s.r.o.
The mentioned project is one of the most successfull residential developments in Slovakia. The company provides proffesional services in the field of investment development, mostly project management from land acquisition, through case studies, arrangement of permits to the very construction and handover of the project to the use of the final customer. We build and count on high quality proffesionals who passed the tests of proffesional ability for selected activities in the field of development with specialization for investment, project and realisation activity.
Since 2009 the company has been managing construction and redevelopment of shopping stores across the country for the shopping centers chain BILLA.
2011 - 2012
Since January 2012, KAMI PROFIT s.r.o. has been finishing City industrial and technological parc in Trnava. Since June 2012, the company has started reconstruction proces of the former army storage which is transforming into the stage for the Laboratory of Living Culture programme line- KulturPark Košice.
Revitalisation of a large area, the establishment of a new creative, educational and relaxing quarter of Košice. The building was awarded on the  CE.ZA.AR 2014 for exterior and civil and industrial buildings.  Also, in the beginnin of June 2012, KAMI PROFIT Company began with the reconstruction of building at SNP for
In 2013, we implemented an action as a general contractor for the reconstruction of buildings Kožatex Wustenrot of 1.5 million EUR.
At the beginning of year, we provide general contracting housing complex Dubnička in Banovce Bebravou and project management for the construction of a tunnel Ovčiarsko shares D1 Lietavska Lucka - Dubna Skala. KAMI PROFIT Company Ltd. for its actions strictly follows the safety and health at work.
We succesfully finished our job as a general supplier of the housing estate complex Dubnička in Bánovce nad Bebravou. We have been providing project management for the Ovčiarsko tunnel as well as the construction of the D1 motorway Lietavská Lúčka - Dubná skala. We keep providing construction supervision for Billa.
We completed, as the winner of a public procurement for the general supplier of the construction, the reconstruction of the G. Szabó elementary school in Dunajská Streda and the reconstruction of the building of the Karol Rapoš elementary school in Brezno. We also participated in Slovnaft and Shell petrol station reconstructions all over Slovakia.
The company expanded its activities to the Czech Republic and Austria at the turn of 2015/2016. In 2016, we were providing the construction supervision for the Billa, e.g. on-site supervision in Bernolákovo or in Stará Turá.
The construction of a Slovnaft petrol station with a unique design on Prístavná street in Bratislava is among the newest projects of the company. Others include the construction of the Retail Park Mlynárce shopping centre in Nitra and, at the same time, we are the general supplier of the framework construction of a new block on Donaufelder street in Vienna.
2017 - 2018
We successfully completed the construction of a Slovnaft petrol station with a unique design in Prístavná street in Bratislava in 2017. This structure competed in the Structure of the year 2017 contest.
In 2017/2018 we were working as a general contractor in projects like Shopping centre Tulip in Martin, Shopping centre OC Atrium Dubeň in Žilina and we also expanded our activities in Croatia in 2018. We also participated in Slovnaft petrol stations reconstruction all over Slovakia and MOL petrol stations in Czech Republic.
We successfully started the construction of the housing block BC, D Rudiny II in Žilina at the beginning of the year 2019, where we work as a general contractor and it is going to be finished in autumn 2020. Among other notable projects there are: D4R7 – BA – Prievozská street hot water pipe relocation, Project D4R7 water drain installation R7 + D4 East.
We successfully extended our activity to France at the end of 2019. We are a part of the project Family villa reconstruction – Théoule, France.
The year 2020 was very successful for our company - we started the construction of 3 apartment buildings in Prešov - Sabinovská apartment building, in Poprad - Barbora apartment building. The construction is going according to plan, so at the end of 2020 we started construction in Poprad - II. stage - Merťuky apartment building.
In addition to apartment buildings, we continue to work on the reconstruction and construction of gas stations in Slovakia as well as in the Czech Republic. This year, for example - Renovation of OMV Prešov, Renovation of the filling station in Šamorín, Mol Praha Bohdalecká. In 2020, as a general contractor, we started the construction of a production hall - the Sklofix glassworks in Bratislava in Vajnory.
We started the construction of a multistorey parking house in Bajkalská street in Poprad for the local citizens in April 2021. We finished the project in September 2021 successfully and we handed it over to the investor, the city of Poprad. In the neighbouring Czechia, we continue as a general contractor for the project - FNO Warehouse extension. During the summer of 2021 we got some new contracts such as Plicková, Hargašová Septimo. We also participated in construction of petrol stations this year - Slovnaft petrol station Pohranice and a modern OMV rest area Rovinka.
We successfully finished two of our own development projects in 2021 and 2022 –apartment houses Barbora and Merťuky in Poprad and the apartment house Sabinovská in Prešov. More than 170 satisfied clients already live in their new homes. Moreover, we are finishing with our own project in Croatia on the island Ugljan this year. The building consists of two apartment houses with altogether 12 luxury apartments.  
KAMI PROFIT, s.r.o. has put a modern and reconstructed school Plicková into service. The goal of the school’s reconstruction was to renew the grounds and the existing buildings to the original educational purpose of elementary school students. Besides smaller projects that we are working on in the Czech Republic, we are implementing top-class equipment for scientists and students – Pavilion ACCORD of the Comenius University. Among the mentioned projects we cannot omit the finished new administrative building – Fronius.
Our services

General building supplies

The service covers a complex set of tasks necessary for the construction of building construction, such as apartment buildings, administrative, commercial, educational buildings and petrol stations with an emphasis on expertise, competence and reliability.

We will provide you with a complex set of activities necessary for the realization of constructions, with focus on apartment buildings, administrative, commercial, educational buildings and petrol stations with an emphasis on expertise, quality, competence and reliability.


It represents the process of the project management and control system, corresponding to the requirements of investors, such as representation at negotiations, preparation of audit and SWOT analysis, price calculations and tender process.

We will take care of the complete process of the project management and construction control system according to the investor's request. We manage the entire project in terms of time, quality and costs.


We provide advice in the selection of land, arrangeing of permit decisions of the concerned authorities, arrangeing of approval permits, project activities from the preparation of a feasibility study to the preparation of project documentation of the actual design, processing of visualizations.

We stand by you during all the necessary steps and activities related to the implementation of the project. We will develop projects at all stages of project documentation, we will ensure all necessary permits for project implementation.


It represents a complex service that the investors are provided by during the preparatory phase of the project, construction and during the elimination of defects, it monitors the projects construction method and progress.

We will carry out a quality check of works and deliveries, the construction schedule, organization and management of inspection days, financial management of the construction, keeping a construction diary, technical advice, processing reports on the progress of the construction and preparation of overall photo documentation of the construction.


It represents help, advice or detailed development of business and financial plans for bank and non-bank financial institutions, state and European funds, grant programs and other investors.

We will provide a helping hand or prepare detailed business and financial plans for you, for bank and non-bank financial institutions, state and European funds, grant programs and other investors.

Bank monitoring

It includes complex services provided during the project, related to financial and technical-construction control, including bank supervision for projects financed through loans from banks and leasing companies.

During the duration of projects, we provide complex services related to financial and technical-construction control, including bank supervision for projects financed through loans from banks and leasing companies.

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